Welcome to
The Path to Profit Summit

Get the RIGHT PLAN in place to MAKE MONEY in your CREATIVE BUSINESS .. and HAVE FUN doing it!

Join Dr. Minette Riordan

September 23-25, 2016
Santa Barbara, CA
At the Path to Profit Summit you will:

• Use powerful guided visualizations to pinpoint money blind spots and brainstorm fresh opportunities for creating more profit in your business

• Use journaling and doodling to create a personalized profile of your perfect client

• Design a colorful, simple and effective marketing plan that consistently brings you the right clients

• Learn effective time-management strategies designed just for creative, visual learner
• Connect your innate Creative Genius with your Business skills

• Laugh, Dance, and Make Art!

• Make lasting personal connections with other Creative Women Entrepreneurs

• Did we mention the Urban Wine Trail, Great Restaurants and Beautiful Beaches in Santa Barbara?

Get more clients.
Make more money.
Reconnect your Creativity with your Business.

This event is more than informative.
It is

Current statistics show that there are close to 10 million women-owned businesses in the United States, but of those only 6% will ever reach the six-figure mark.

You can be one of the 6% of women that reaches 6 figures.

Yes, you can make $10,000 per month or more as a Creative Woman Entrepreneur.

This is your invitation to take the next step.  TAKE IT.
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Come to Beautiful Santa Barbara!
Whether you’re down for beach walks, standup paddle boarding, viewing rich Spanish history. wine tours, excellent restaurant meals, or mountain hikes, this area has it all. I live just up the road in Goleta and my family and I just love this place .. so much natural beauty, so many fun things to do. I think you’ll enjoy it too: it’s a fantastic place to come and focus on your business and have a little fun!
Here’s what others had to say about attending The Path to Profit Summit:

"Minette hit it out of the park at the Path to Profit workshop! There was a wealth of great information and tools to help me succeed in my business. She shares honestly, is very perceptive and teaches with authority. The Path to Profit workshop is the best workshop I have ever attended." - Joanna Reyes, Owner/Creative Director Chic-a

"Minette Riordan’s “Path To Profit” seminar has been a real light bulb moment for me in crafting the direction and seeing the potential of my small business. Her approach gently—and colorfully—helped me weave past the “shiny objects” that distract me from my goals in order to aim at what actually matters in my business with a laser focus. At this seminar I met many interesting people at similar crossroads in their business paths, and I’ve come away with my own colorful tailored business plan to keep on hand, along with many ideas to reinforce it for the coming year." - Kimberly Michael - Director, Studio Grapheme

"I have been to many events and workshops over the 20 years I’ve been in business but, I’ve never attended anything like the ‘Path to Profit’ workshop. Often when attending events they are a trifle chaotic to say the least and, the audience receives so much information you walk away with your head spinning. However, it was not this way with Minette! Even though we were working with Minette’s process, the three days seemed to flow with calm and peace plus I met some very interesting people and we also had fun. I had never met Minette before and to meet someone who is so authentic, honest and caring is quite unusual in the business world. With her information, tools, guidance and creativity, even though I’m starting my business life all over again at 74, I now feel more than ever, that I can create a successful business with a better understanding of who I am and how to achieve it." - Hazel Palache, You Stairway to Health

"Minette has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she seems delighted to share with others. Her enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and generosity made this training a joy. Thanks to this training, I now feel confident as I begin to plan and build the new business of my dreams." - Sheila Hatcher

"This was my first time meeting Minette. I found her to be extremely warm, considerate, and heart centered. She created a safe space for us to share things that aren’t easy to talk about – like money – in front of others. Minette shared a ton of helpful information. Plus, all the other participants were pretty amazing, too. All in all, the Path to Profit was a great event from start to finish." - Catherine Clancy

"Minette’s Path to Profit workshop was extremely impactful! I learned so much. The content was very relevant to what i needed to learn in order to develop my business and take it to the next level! The information was invaluable, a must for entrepreneurs." - Malena Otero

Meet Minette
"I help creative, right brain entrepreneurs create a vibrant and profitable plan for their business."
Why should you spend 3 days with me?Because I am just like you, a creative entrepreneur who has been where you are.

Right now, my life is pretty amazing. I live in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA with my amazing husband and two wonderful teens. My husband recently quit his full-time job to work with me full-time. This has been a long-time dream that is now a reality. We live near the beach in a house that we love and are enjoying the flexibility and freedom that our business has created for our family. My business is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2014, I tripled my income from the year before and in 2015 I more than doubled what I made the year before. I now have a clear plan in place to get me exactly to where I want to go.
But my life hasn’t always been this easy. I owned a publishing company in Plano, TX for 11 years. I won lots of awards and grossed hundreds of thousands of dollars a year but I made one enormous, business-killing mistake. I didn’t pay myself. I was working long hours, sacrificing my health and time with my family and I had nothing to show for it. I put my business first and always made sure everyone else got paid but our cash flow sucked and I rarely had cash left over to pay ME! I made a lot of mistakes while I ran that business but I also celebrated huge successes. I won multiple awards, was well-known in my community and discovered what I am really good at – marketing and sales! I became a marketing geek, yep a total geek.

And I still love marketing and I adore sales even more. Why? Because sales is just about building relationships and connecting with people. I am great at connecting with others. I have been able to leverage everything I did right and to avoid making the same mistakes again to build a profitable business that I love and that doesn’t require me giving up what I value most: my freedom and my time with my family.

I know exactly what it takes to get on the path to profit and stay there.

Path To Profit: Schedule
Create Your One Page Visual Business Plan and learn my 5 step system for Creative Business Mastery
On day one we will dive deep into your vision, values and unique brilliance. We will also focus on creating crystal clarity around your business model. If you have been struggling, feeling overwhelmed or clueless about what steps you must take to build a profitable business, you can stop worrying. This is the answer you have been looking for. I will walk you step-by-step through exactly how to create your visual business plan. I will share worksheets and templates that will this process painless and super creative! Bring on the crayons! Not only that, I will share how turn your business plan into an action plan so that you know exactly what you need to do every single day to grow your business.
Create Your Color Wheel Marketing Plan™ and Discover Your Money Mindset
Day two focuses on mindset, money and marketing. Together we will answer the color wheel marketing plan question: what’s holding you back from building your profitable business? We will start to create your personalized Color Wheel Marketing Plan™. No more guessing at what marketing activities you should be doing.
You will discover exactly where you should be spending time, money and effort to promote your business. Plus, get templates and checklists to make creating content for your online marketing simple, effortless and creative. Discover how to make your creative genius work for you in your business.
Day 2 – Bonus Evening Session! On day two there also will be a bonus evening session where I will combine a creative project with a powerful tool for clarity and decision making. You will not want to miss this super special bonus!

Creative Sales Mastery and Creative Brand Mastery
Day three builds on what we have already learned. Now that you have a clear vision for what you want to create and how much money you want to make, how do you talk about it and how much do you charge for it? I promise you that I will show you how to make sales meaningful, fun and all about being of service to others.
Path to Profit: Investment

How much does it cost?

You only pay a $97 seat reservation fee and that is refunded when you get to the event!

But other events cost $500 or $1000. Why is this so inexpensive?

That's not the way I work. My passion is to help creative women entrepreneurs and get them the skills they need. I guarantee that after 3 days you will come away with the plan you need, and you will come away wanting more.

This event is for you if you are ..

• needing to generate cash and clients but don’t know what to try next because you feel like you have tried everything

• stuck in your business

• blessed with great creative ideas and skills but you can’t seem to convert them to financial success

• overwhelmed, over-worked and over-tired from trying to build your business by yourself

• wanting to get the next level of financial success in your business but have no clue how you will find the time or what steps to take

• looking for a fun way to feel more creative, connected and excited about your business again